Dead Zone (2022)

Lorimar Film Entertainment began developing film adaptations after the release of Stephen King’s “Dead Zone” in 1979. Writer Jeffrey Boam abandoned The King’s parallel plot structure in favor of a script that divided the plot into separate episodes.

Zombie Like his previous two sniper out of nowhere films, Chad Michael Collins’ latest sci-fi action film The Dead Zone, which pairs him with action star Michael Jai White, is out exclusively on Tubi Friday and we literally just found out about it.¬†Watch more ask4movie free for streaming with subtitles.

Dead Zone Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Dead Zone (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directors: Hank Braxtan
Writer: Jeffrey Giles, Michael Klug, Michael Lurie
Stars: Chad Michael Collins, Jeff Fahey, Tarkan Dospil

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