A Week Away (2021)

Watch A Week Away 2021 Movie streaming full free online with subtitles in HD quality on subsmovies website without any cost. The songs themselves are simply not very good and their lyrics are not intellectual at all, for example, there is one song in which the singers basically constantly repeat the phrase “good enough”. And there are more such songs with shallow lyrics. Perhaps the only exception is a nice romantic duet. Most of the songs are basically musically catchy, but their performance is not much. Despite the fact that the recorded singing of the actors is not synchronized with their playing, so it happens that their lips move differently than the sound played. They are also not helped by musical numbers, which try to sound spectacular, but are often too chaotic and the choreography in the style of incoherent waving of hands is also not very convincing.

And it’s a shame, because the actors are trying hard to squeeze something out of the whole chaos. Their singing performances are solid, although sometimes they are full of autotuns. Even their acting lectures are not significantly bad. The performances of most young actors are mostly a bit plank, and despite all their efforts, their characters are not very nice, although we should support them. Perhaps the brightest point, however, is David Koechner (Reporter: The Story of Ron Burgundy), as the camp leader, who is certainly the most prominent of all the actors and is known for his professionalism compared to his younger colleagues. Watch more Subsmovies Drama Movies streaming full free online in HD cinema quality.

Movie Overview

Title: A Week Away (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Drama, Family, Musical
Directors: Roman White
Writer: Alan Powell, Kali Bailey
Stars: Kevin Quinn, Bailee Madison, Jahbril Cook

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